Dashwood Fire Department (250) 752-5434 • Forest Fire Reporting (800) 663-5555EMERGENCIES DIAL 911

Station 61 - Dashwood

Station 61 Dashwood VFDOur main base of operations is known as Station 61, at 230 Hobbs Road, and this is where the majority of our training, planning, meetings and charity events are held.

If you're interested in volunteering, this is the fire station where some of our first introductions will take place and this is also the place where the bulk of our training is held.

Station 61 Fire Engine

Station 61 Administration

Station 61 Lunchroom

The Dashwood location houses an engine rescue unit and tanker truck at the main facility.

Station 61 at Hobbs Road is also home to a staff kitchen, meeting room, training grounds and main administration.

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